You’ve taken on a lot. Respect.
Now it’s time to close, nice and easy.

You’ve gotten this far. Now, let’s make your closing painless. Faster. Cheaper.
And still with you in control. We’re here to do the dirty work paperwork. Let’s close strong.

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One Super-Low Flat Fee

We charge $495 for closing services. You can’t do this part alone–and no one is cheaper right now.
Don’t believe us? Ask the other guy if their allegedly lower rate includes all your wire fees, all
your courier fees, and all your notary fees.

Our flat fee is actually a flat fee. We’re all-inclusive and transparent.

Lower Policy Fees

You need an Owner’s Policy.
We charge the rates Florida law requires based on your sale price–and then we give you the Butler Rebate,  that is 15% or more in savings.

You can learn more about how that works. Or you can just fill out our form,
because we’ve finally found each other, and it’s going to be beautiful.

Carly KaplanFor Sale By Owner