Buyer Bamboozle: What It is, and Do You Have It?

Are You Being Fooled in Your Real Estate Transaction? TitleZoom Can Help Pull the Wool from Over Your Eyes

Simple Title Insurance for Buyers

Confused as to why your closing costs are so high? Don’t be fooled into paying more for title insurance. Make closing on your home cheaper by shopping around for an affordable title insurance company in Florida.

Bam·boo·zle – to fool or cheat someone; confound or perplex.

It may not be a word that you are familiar with, but it definitely should be when it comes time to close on your home purchase or sale. Real estate agents are notorious for recommending their favorite real estate closing and title insurance company in Florida that they have used for x-amount of years. The conversation with most realtors typically goes along the lines of, “My closing company is the best; I’ve worked with this company for 30 years. They will take great care of you. They work with all of my clients, give them great service and the best deal.” Sounds great, right? This my friends is when you suffer from Buyer’s Bamboozle.

Why You Should Shop Around for Title Insurance

Although it may sound appealing to have your realtor handle the entire real estate transaction including the closing process, leaving you to simply sign some paperwork, the truth is, you should be part of the negotiation, which includes shopping around for a title insurance company that can save you money.

When you don’t shop around for the lowest title insurance quote for your Florida real estate sale or purchase, you are losing money and increase your closing costs. Use an instant preliminary closing costs calculator to get quotes for comparison, then choose the real estate closing and title insurance company that cannot only save you money but save you time as well.

The Power of Negotiation

Do not be tricked, fooled, or cheated into having to use a specific title insurance company! When closing time comes, negotiate everything. Negotiate things like inspections and be present during the inspection, negotiate the repair costs, if any, and who will take on the responsibility, and arguably the most important, select the real estate closing and title insurance company used for closing. These factors will help save you money on closing costs in Florida.

For example, when closing on a property south of Palm Beach County, it is customarily a buyer’s market, which means that the buyer covers most of the closing costs. If you are purchasing a home in Palm Beach County, the seller covers most of the costs unless otherwise outlined in the contract – all of which you should be negotiating. If you are looking to save on closing costs, negotiating the title insurance company are what will help the most since you can’t get out of state taxes.

Why TitleZoom?

TitleZoom is a real estate closing and title insurance company in Florida that gives instant closing costs quotes, and the flexibility of closing on your home purchase or sale on your own time. When the day comes that you are ready to close on your real estate transaction, we send a member of our team to you, so you stay comfortable and the process is convenient for YOU.

Our real estate closing and title insurance company has been serving Florida for over 30 years with our experienced Title Officers and on-staff Attorneys. We charge less for closing services, offer discounts on title insurance policies, offer a secure online platform for easy document management, and provide awesome customer service! Want call, text, email, or chat updates? Not a problem! TitleZoom is here to make your closing costs lower by providing competitive title insurance policies and making your real estate transaction easier on your lifestyle.

If you are ready to close on your home, call us at 954-607-1192, or email us at to get started! Be sure to check out our instant online instant quote form as well!

TandemBuyer Bamboozle: What It is, and Do You Have It?