How to Know if Your Realtor is Cheating on You

Save Money on Closing Costs

Is Your Real Estate Agent Withholding You from Saving Money?

Whether buying or selling a home, the real estate process is complex and, more often than not, requires a realtor’s assistance. But, is your realtor cheating on you? You may be wondering what exactly we mean, so let’s explain.

Some real estate agents in Florida are highly experienced, and some may be new to the field; but, regardless of their years of experience, most realtors will handle the entire real estate transaction for you, and some will not give you any options along the way. Sure, you may think that you have options when it comes to things like the features in your home, but are you aware of the actual real estate transaction, its processes, and everything it entails, if you really think about it? Most homeowners would say “no.”

Being unaware of the real estate process is very common. After all, you’re not a realtor, and that is why you hired them in the first place. But, being conscious and doing research on the real estate closing process will help you SAVE MONEY!

Let’s break down the typical real estate process:

  1. Choosing a listing agent
  2. Finding out how much your home is worth
  3. Getting ready for sale
  4. Marketing your home
  5. Showing your home
  6. Receiving purchase offers and negotiating
  7. Open escrow and order title
  8. Schedule an appraiser appointment
  9. Cooperate with home inspection
  10. Obtain seller-required inspections
  11. Delivery of seller disclosures
  12. Negotiate the request for repair
  13. Ask the buyer to release contingencies
  14. Sign Title and Escrow documents
  15. Close escrow


Which items on this list are you familiar with? Which items would you leave up to your realtor? And, which items can you negotiate?

The ugly truth is, some realtors are cheating on their clients once they hit Step 7, and yours could very likely be cheating on you too, which is a scary thought because that is where most home buyers and sellers should rely on their realtor the most.


The Real Estate Closing Process in South Florida: What You Need to Know

Florida (south of Palm Beach County) is a buyer’s market, which means that the buyer customarily covers most of the closing costs and the seller usually pays just a closing fee unless your contract says otherwise. When you get as north as Palm Beach County, it turns into a seller’s market, where the seller usually covers most of the closing costs unless otherwise outlined in the contract. Again, something you could negotiate if you knew, and your real estate agent made you aware. Did they?


What else can you negotiate? – Your title insurance.

The title insurance process is typically as follows: the real estate agent or transaction coordinator will enlist whichever closing company they usually use to open escrow and order a title policy.

This might make you a little angry, but it’s possible your real estate agent didn’t make you aware of the fact that you can choose whichever real estate closing and title insurance company in Florida you would like to use – and compare rates with you. The reality is, most real estate agencies partner with title companies. So, the real estate agent is incented to use that real estate closing/title company.

You should be telling your real estate agent which real estate closing and title insurance company you want to use. If you didn’t know, now you do, so make sure you bring it up to your realtor and don’t settle for their “recommended” title insurance company, because they may be getting an incentive for continued business.


How to Deal with a Cheating Realtor

If you do establish that your real estate agent is cheating on you and only recommending their tried and true real estate closing and title insurance company, simply ask them to show you what your closing costs would be, including title insurance and all associated fees. They should be able to give you a firm quote, and if not, contact TitleZoom today for an instant closing costs quote.

TitleZoom is more than just a real estate closing and title insurance company in Florida, we have extensive experience in the entire real estate closing process and can guide you along the way. Our team urges you not to solely rely on your realtor for the entire real estate transaction because there is a high chance that you will end up paying more than you need to for your closing costs and title insurance in Florida.


The Benefits of Choosing Your Own Title Insurance Company

You must choose and negotiate your real estate closing and title insurance company before the closing process has officially begun. Most homeowners dread the closing process because it is long and tedious. Typically, it means having to use a precious holiday vacation day or sick day to travel to the bank or title insurance company and spend hours going through paperwork. With TitleZoom, we come to you. When you are ready to close on your home, we send one of our closing experts to you – for the ultimate convenience. Convenience, coupled with savings and the lowest closing and title insurance costs possible, is what our company’s mission and promise are to you.

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