Are Title Insurance Costs Negotiable?

Negotiate Your Title Insurance Costs

When you find your dream home in Florida and are ready to make an offer, you may not have given much thought to your real estate closing costs and the cost of title insurance. And, the same goes for sellers who have finally received the perfect offer on their home.

Title insurance is a very important part of the real estate transaction, no matter which state you live in. Title insurance protects you during the purchase-sale of real estate property in case the previous owner had any liens held against them, future property ownership claims, or other potentially costly title discrepancies. A lien is typically a public record filed with the county and it provides a way for creditors to collect money they are owed.

If you purchase a home and do not purchase title insurance (not typical), you would inherit the debt that is being held against the title; hence, the major benefit of purchasing insurance to prevent this situation from happening.

Title insurance is not recommended as something you should skip out on during your real estate transaction closing. However, you 100% should shop around for the right title insurance company in Florida in order to get the best deal on title insurance, thus lowering your real estate closing costs.

Most home buyers and sellers end up with sticker shock when it comes time to close on their real estate transaction, often sticking with the first title insurer suggested by their real estate agent or other referral source. Title insurance fees are generally about 1 percent of the sales price, and while they may not technically be negotiable because the premium is set by the state, you can cut costs through discounts and shopping for the right real estate closing and title insurance partner.


The following are a few ways in which you can “negotiate” your title insurance:

1. Choose your title insurance agency.

You do not have to go with the title insurance agency your real estate agent or other source recommends because they are the “experts.” Shop around for the title insurance agency in Florida that offers you the best deal. Receive a few instant closing costs quotes from insurance companies and go with the one that saves you the most money

2. The Butler Rebate.

If you live in the State of Florida – ask about the Butler Rebate. Better yet, shop around for title insurance companies and see which company mentions the Butler Rebate to you without you having to ask for it– that company is being the most honest and 100% offering you the best deal!

3. Check the add-on fees!

Even if you get the Butler Rebate mentioned above, see if the title insurance company is tacking on a bunch of fees for mail and courier, copy fees, wire fees, etc. – these fees are negotiable (and really considered “junk” fees). A modern title insurance company in Florida, like TitleZoom, will offer a digital signage and document management to cut down on filing fees.


You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for title insurance and real estate closing costs. TitleZoom is a title insurance and a real estate closing company that wants what’s best for you! We offer the Butler Rebate and affordable closing fees thanks to our digital system! Our title insurance experts and attorneys make shopping around for title insurance easy and convenient for you!

Arlene CeballosAre Title Insurance Costs Negotiable?

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