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The takeaway with title insurance is that past problems don’t have to be your problems.

Let’s get straight to business. Here are three simple facts to help you understand title insurance.

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    Title insurance protects you and the lender from title defects.

    A title defect could be a prior owner’s debts, liens against the house
    (like if the past owner didn’t pay a contractor and the contractor files a claim), or other ownership claims.

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    It's not homeowner's insurance.

    That’s once you own your home. Homeowners’ insurance protects against future problems, like hurricanes or fire. Title insurance protects against past problems.

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    You only pay for title insurance once.

    You pay for at least one policy. That’s your lender’s policy, which protects your lender (if you’re a buyer). Insurance coverage lasts for the life of the loan.

    The other policy is an owner’s policy. It’s optional, but we literally cannot stress enough how much you should get one. It lasts for as long as you or your heirs own the property, who pays for it depends on your county –– and you don’t really save money by skipping out on it (learn why here).

    This is a good deal for a one-time payment. Especially a one-time payment that includes a rebate that most Florida title insurers don’t bother to give you. It’s called the Butler Rebate, a discount on your title insurance, and it’s awesome.

Most closing agents don’t mention the Butler Rebate.
We give the Butler Rebate to you.

Now that you understand why you have to have title insurance, take a look at our easy real estate closing process or contact us to get started.

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